Goodbye Supervision, Hello Obstetric Nurse?

In association with NYMPHs (Northern and Yorkshire Midwives Practicing Holistically) NativityHub is hosting a discussion on the impact of the end of statutory supervision of Midwives.

28th November 6pm at Union 105, 105 Chapeltown Road Leeds LS7 3HY

All welcome. Please RSVP so we have an idea of numbers. Cake contributions appreciated.

The RCM have issued a Briefing Statement in response to the proposed changes to current legislation. There is also an overview by The Undercover Midwife and Louise Silverton’s Post on the RCM website from September.
During the debate hosted by Airedale Supervisors recently (whose title NativityHub has shamelessly pinched for this event) the potential threat posed by changes to legislation regarding Midwives was discussed and concerns raised about the ability of Midwives to remain autonomous practitioners. It is currently unclear how exactly Supervision is going to be withdrawn and what is being put forward to replace the existing legislation.

NativityHub has sought further clarification and understands that the proposals involve the end of Statutory Supervision, the removal of the statutory Midwifery Committee which advises the NMC and amendments to the Nursing and Midwifery Order 2001. This may all provide a time to press for positive change, and there will need to be a period of consultation before the legislation can be amended with a likely two or more years before any changes can be implemented.

RSVP by email to

(Don’t forget to bring cake!)


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