Mark Harris’ Dad’s Group

Bookings are now being taken for Mark Harris’ workshop for Dads-to-be at NativityHub on Saturday 13th February 11-2.

Author of ‘Men, Love and Birth’ – the book about being present at birth that your pregnant lover wants you to read, Mark is a father of six and has been a Midwife for over twenty years.

Mark is a keen advocate of ‘investing in the oxytocin bank’ and this workshop for men only will examine the evolutionary biophysical differences between the sexes, how men learn and the conditions required to make it even more possible for them to have an insight into the dance of birth. Mark teaches exercises that can lead to a man having more control over the fight or flight response while focusing on his mission: maintaining deep connection to his lover while she births.


“We are going to explore together how understanding, no having an insight into the differences between the male and female of our human species can make a massive difference to how she will give birth, hell this kind of insight can transform our lives and relationships…..see you there” Mark Harris.

See Birthing Awareness for more on Mark Harris.

Please email to book a free place. These are very limited and on a first come first serve basis for men with a currently pregnant partner. A reserve list will be held for those whose partners have already birthed or are not yet pregnant. Light refreshments will be provided.


Mark Harris
Mark Harris

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