Positive Birth Movement and Leeds Birth Workers gatherings

Saturday 6th February sees two gatherings at NativityHub.




The first is the Leeds Positive Birth Movement 10-11.30

The Positive Birth Movement is a grassroots movement spreading positivity about childbirth via a global network of free positive birth groups.

We aim to challenge the current epidemic of negativity around childbirth by bringing people together to Meet up, Link Up and Shake Up Birth.

Come and share stories, feelings and insights over light refreshments.

Spend time considering what you really want from your childbirth experience and letting go any fears or negative expectations you might have.

We welcome all pregnant women regardless of background, experience or choices.

Leeds Positive Birth Group meets monthly. Please see the facebook group for details.

See Positive Birth Movement for information and join the facebook group for details of the local Leeds PBM .

Followed by the Leeds Birth Workers gathering 11.30-1

This is a peer to peer support group aiming to work collaboratively by sharing resources, offering each other support and signposting to relevant information, with a particular focus on physiological birth.

The group is open to all Birth Workers: Doulas, NHS MWs, IMs, Pregnancy Yoga Teachers, Perinatal Therapists, Student Midwives, antenatal teachers…

It is a place to help build relationships and develop good practice.

Join the Leeds Birth Workers facebook group for further details or pop in and see us.

Free hot drinks at both meetings available but please feel free to bring snacks to share!




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