Kate Evans artist’s talk Sunday 6th March 3-5pm

Now fully booked, sorry.

Join Kate Evans, artist, illustrator and author of the Bump and The Food of Love for an afternoon of informal chat and an insight into the creative force behind the books.




Thoroughly researched, honest, earthy and downright funny these two books explore the birthing and breastfeeding journey in ways many women hugely identify with. Everyone has a favourite page, a favourite drawing or expression, something that chimes, and they’re packed full of evidence based information. But it’s not all birthy stuff…

Kate has recently visited the Calais camps (her work can be seen here) and has a new book out ‘Red Rosa’,  a graphic biography of Rosa Luxemburg. She might talk about these too!

Free event, to book please email claireharbottle@gmail.com with ‘Kate Evans’ in the subject line. What a fab way to spend Mothers’ Day!! 


Shamelessly stolen reviews for Bump:

A book for ME – page after page of well thought out information paired with wit, a great sense of humour, and perfect little doses of feminism dropped in.

This book is for all women, for women before considering pregnancy, for women that are newly pregnant, for women that are interested in pregnancy and birth. I would probably suggest the age range from 15 onwards? Possibly sooner, the focus on pregnancy might not be on the radar, but the invaluable beginning of the book – from fertility tracking to simple, clear, and hilarious information of how reproduction works. An empowering tool for young women and their male partners to have.

It is honest, hilarious, down to earth, practical and a fount of knowledge. It managed to make me laugh out loud and cry. I have just devoured it in a few hours. Literally could not put it down. It would be great for anyone pregnant or planning a baby, anyone vaguely interested in birth.

This book is easily the best I have read in the pregnancy/childbirth arena. It is packed full of well-researched, clear and balanced information – and that information extends well beyond the usual list of scientific facts you get in most pregnancy books: this one covers many other relevant areas that may affect women on the path to motherhood, talking sensitively about baby loss, emotional landscapes, judgments, body image and so on as well as celebrating the utter throbbing joys and wonders of the journey. The clarity of language and image throughout the book, and thoughtful detailed exploration of every stage really helped me take in the information on many levels.

‘Bump’ is inclusive in a grounded and wonderful way – this book talks about all kinds of families and ways of making babies, also including those who don’t or can’t make babies. It is utterly empowering and supports women to make their own informed choices right from the start, the emphasis being on *their* choice, not some supposed expectation or decision made out of fear.


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